We are a health care service business led by neurological specialty physicians.
Our interest and expertise is in implementing remote, information technology-based and related on-site  clinical neuroscience solutions.
Our neural network-based therapeutic care solutions for health care providers, their patients and health system customers are designed to address common health care problems that impact the human nervous system and improve neurological health outcomes.


 With our core health care products, health care consumers can adapt and self-manage their own health states.  In addition, our clients can use our tools that seamlessly integrate neurological health prevention into existing processes.

Most noteworthy, stakeholders in the health care team can then immediately increase the value and impact of their health care encounters.

As a result, our health products can enable each individual or group to better cope with the physical, psychological and social changes that impact their health and health care.


 We envision that each of our partners and clients can better leverage their own in-place health methods with our expertise. Especially relevant is the tremendous opportunity that our company can provides our partners in their efforts expand the scope and impact of their health products and services.

Ultimately, individuals and groups can use our health products to improve overall quality of care.

At the same time, the health systems and entities that serve these individuals and groups can reduce their own infrastructure and costs regarding neurological health care.


Our innovation products and services are based on what we know, which is that the human nervous system function is central to human health. Therefore, our solutions to solve common health care problems and process are based upon human nervous system function.

Furthermore, our specialists utilize health information technology to help our customers, clients and patients “learn” how to assess the impact on neurological health on health care processes and constrain the downstream effects of poor health management for individuals and groups with neurological health conditions.

Our focus on neural networks as applied to health care enables us to provide our customers, clients and patients with access to an advanced method of health care.  Our health care method key feature and purpose is to help people who are impacted by neurological symptoms and conditions modulate and improve health care outcomes at multiple junctures in the health care process, over a cross-section of health care encounters.

The team at Neural Network Health invites you

to benefit from our innovations

that will help positively impact your

health outcomes.