Neural Network Health is a physician-owned health service business specializing in neurological health care solutions powered by tele-health and health information technology.



To provide accessible, integrated, efficient health care for individuals with medical conditions that impact the brain and nervous system.



To provide patient-centered resources for people who are challenged by neurological, physical and behavioral health conditions.



To decrease the physical, emotional and financial cost of brain and nervous system health care for patients, workers and communities.

With Our Neurology Tele-Health and Neurology E-Learning Service Lines, We Deliver:


On demand, mobile-ready neurological medical care to help hospitals systems and clinics meet their bottom line in the face of the growing neurology provider shortage.



Patient-friendly, time-sensitive wellness and preventive neurological care for patients with costly, pervasive medical conditions, such as diabetes, dementia and depression.



A lean, remote neurology tele-health consult and patient management service for health systems and providers to meet the demands of their health professionals and their patients.


With Our Proprietary Clinical Neuroscience Health Care Framework:

Our clients reduce the cost of health care for medical brain and nervous system disorders.

Our clients enhance health care quality for complex conditions that impact neurological function.

Our clients will increase patient and health consumer satisfaction with their medical care.

With The Neural Network Health Team, Our Clients Get:


The Innovation 

of a lean, cost-saving, customer-focused population health framework for our clients and partners to increase their return-on-investment  related to health care administration for populations.


The Expertise

of medical specialists specifically trained to understand the complex human brain and nervous system and provide health care for the 600+ different neurological problems that are linked to widespread physical, mental and behavioral health medical conditions.


The Footprint

of a fully integrated, scalable neurological health care framework proven to increase health provider and health-consumer satisfaction and the quality health care.