Neuro E-Consult ™


A lean health care approach for the future of medicine.


Our neurology tele-health co-care consult places a credentialed, board-certified neurologist within the reach of health care providers within hospital and outpatient services via information technology. Real-time, HIPPA-secure, clinical decision support and applicable evidenced-based guidelines for patients with neurological health complaints is readily accessible for the time-strapped clinician.


Our dedicated e-mail communication loop system enables rapid communication regarding the most common neurological problems and it facilitates important treatment decisions.  Our time-sensitive, tele-health consult system allows health care providers to do their complex jobs more efficiently.  In addition, if a more in-depth evaluation by the E-Consult specialist is needed, a tele/video-session can be scheduled by the requesting attending health care provider on behalf of his or her patient.